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Pergo’s TotalDesign erases boundaries between flooring and art

Trelleborg, January 2012 – Pergo announces the launch of its first products developed through a new, creative design concept called TotalDesign. According to Pergo CEO, Ralf Eisermann, the idea behind the concept is to erase the boundaries between flooring and art by pushing the limits of laminate flooring. “If you look back over our long history you see that a lot of what we have accomplished has been about coming up with new ideas and pushing the limits of what is considered the norm,” he says. “In fact, the very first laminate floor is the result of a brainstorming session that took place in 1977 to come up with new applications for laminate, which was then used mostly for manufacturing countertops and wall panels.”

The TotalDesign concept is one of several recent initiatives by Pergo to push the limits of conventional thought concerning laminate flooring, and has been developed by the company’s Creative Director, Olaf Leonhardt. Leonhardt says the concept targets floor buyers who are looking for a more imaginative expression from a floor to create a more unique impression of the space. “TotalDesign is really for people with an open mind who want to do something different than what everyone else is doing,” he says. “It’s for anyone who understands that art is so much more than the pieces we hang on walls or place on pedestals.”

Leonhardt has come up with a series of eight artistic floors with motifs such as giant fingerprints in bronze and room-sized, black and white barcodes. Other examples include floors with leather-like and facette-structured surfaces. All come in Big Slab format (1,236 x 400 mm) with Pergo’s patented PerfectFold™ technology for easy installation as well as Pergo’s most durable surface, TitanX™ Advanced. The floors will be launched as part of Pergo’s broadened assortment for 2012.

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About Pergo:
Pergo is regarded as the inventor of HPL laminate flooring and enjoys an outstanding position on both the North American and European markets. The company develops, produces and markets laminate flooring with premium-quality multi-layer sequence in unmistakable designs and unique product features for the residential sector and commercial applications. Pergo produces more than 30 million square metres of laminate flooring a year at two locations in Sweden (Trelleborg and Perstorp) and two manufacturing facilities in the USA (Garner, NC) and Canada (Laval). The traditional Pergo brand was acquired by the Pfleiderer AG (ISIN DE 0006764749) in 2007. To find out more please go to