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Living Room

 Here are five tips on how to arrange your living room flooring to make the most out of five different room types.

The rectangular challenge
This is a rectangular room with daylight coming from just one direction. Use furniture groups to divide up the space and shorten it by painting the end wall a darker colour. Laying the flooring side to side widens the room. Using a light coloured floor design will enhance the feeling of a contemporary room.
The graphic look
Choosing a dark tile and painting the longer wall a darker colour creates a nice, sober backdrop for the furniture. The look is graphic – and elegant.

Make the room wider Using stripes in the floor makes the room feel wider and less rectangular. The playful pattern goes well together with the simple, almost reserved furniture.


A light combination
This is a nice pattern combination using both plank and tiles. Whitewashed pine and cream coloured tiles give the room a pleasant, almost white pattern. The “stripes” will make the room appear wider.



A bold floor suggestion
Choosing a dark floor will provide a good backdrop for the white sofa and accentuate the dark, antique furniture in an elegant way. The floor’s silky gloss finish keeps the impression light.