Technical Features

Impact Resistance

TitanX™ Advanced Surface with its unique multi-layer build-up in combination with a dense core material gives your floor very high impact resistance, meeting even the toughest requirements. This protects your floor from potential damage caused by falling objects and high-heeled shoes.

Water Resistance

Our Moisture Resistance System combines moisture-resistant core materials with a strong and tight click joint, giving Pergo floors some of the best moisture-resistance properties on the market.

Sound Reduction

The SoundBloc™ technology built into selected Pergo floors provides improved soundproofing properties.
Pergo’s SoftTech™ technology makes the floor even quieter by placing a soundblocking layer under the laminate surface. This reduces ‘drum sound’ - the noise you hear in the room when someone walks on the floor.

Easy Maintenance

A Pergo floor is resistant to dirt and offers you low maintenance and effortless cleaning. The solid design of the click joints also keeps dirt from penetrating the joint.

Easy Installation

Our PerfectFold™ installation system incorporating an attached soundproofing underlay enables even faster and easier installation. Just fold it down into place and you’ll be done in no time.

Fire Resistance

Pergo floors have a natural high resistance to fire. Selected products are designed to meet all European requirements for installation in escape routes and assembly halls.


Pergo has developed and patented technology that gives selected floors permanent anti-static properties throughout the life of the floor. This innovation reduces unpleasant electrostatic charges and fulfils antistatic classification according to EN 14041.

Improved Ergonomic Properties

Pergo’s SoftTech™ technology provides improved energy absorption for achieving far better ergonomic performance than ordinary hard flooring.

Wear ProtectionSee picture

Pergo’s patented TitanX™ surface offers the best multi-layer protective floor finish on the market today. It consists of several layers that provide a level of wear resistance that far exceeds accepted standards for heavy commercial use. This makes our floors the most durable laminate floors in the world. And that’s why you get the best guarantee on the market when you buy a Pergo floor.

Scratch ResistanceSee picture

TitanX™ also features an extra protective layer for scratch resistance that ranks among the best there is on the market today. This unique and patented Pergo feature protects the floor from scratches and maintains the rich lustre several times longer and better than any other laminate floor.