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Maintenance Instructions for Pergo Vinyl Planks & Tiles

Ensure that an effective doormat is placed at the entrance. The abrasive grains of sand / dirt or grit might damage the surface. We recommend the use of feet of plastic or stainless steel which does not collect dirt or similar. Office chairs with wheels should be equipped with soft wheels.

Replace damp cleaning with dry cleaning methods. This provides environmental and economic benefits. Pergo Vinyl Tiles and Planks do not need any installation preparation. Coverage is not allowed to be taped down

Regular cleaning / maintenance:
The need for cleaning will vary in different environments.

Dry cleaning:
This is done with a dry Pergo microfiber mop or with a vacuum cleaner.

Damp mopping:
Damp mop the floor when needed. Use Pergo Laminate and Wood Floor Cleaner and Pergo microfiber mop. Damp the microfiber mop with warm water and Pergo Laminate and Wood Floor Cleaner. The microfiber mop reduces consumption of water and chemicals.

Periodic maintenance / Post installation cleaning.
Remove loose dust, and dirt by sweeping, vacuuming or mopping. Clean the floor with Pergo Laminate and Wood Floor Cleaner and the Pergo microfiber mop. Do not work with larger areas than 15-20 m2 at a time. Rinse floor thoroughly with water and dry mop the floor with a cloth.

Removal of stubborn stains and, or rubber markings
To remove stubborn stains or markings from flooring use Pergo Laminate and Wood Floor Cleaner and a clean mop, towel or scratch free white pad. Use Pergo Laminate and Wood Floor Cleaner (undiluted) on the stain and let it act for a few minutes. After removing the stain by wiping it away clean with water to remove the solution. Stains should be removed immediately from flooring due to the fact that some stains set with time and are difficult if not impossible to remove.