Vinyl Plank & Tiles

Thanks to the latest technology, Pergo’s vinyl floors all have rich textures that create life-like impressions of leather, wood or stone.

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Beige Sandstone
Beige Sandstone
Black Slate
Metallic Stone
Black Slate

It is not just the floor’s decor that helps to create a unique feeling. Even the format plays a big role in the overall impression.

That is why Pergo floors are available in five formats, several with bevelled edges to enhance the feeling of traditional wooden planks or genuine ceramic tiles.
With the right combination of decors and formats you can make the room wider, narrower, shorter, longer, lighter or darker.

Some of our floors are created with bevelled edges to highlight the natural feeling of traditional wooden planks or classic parquet, where each individual strip is accentuated.
Ship’s Deck, for example, provides a classic maritime atmosphere with lengthwise bevelled edges
in light or dark tones.