Laminate Molding
Decorative Laminate moldings


This technology covers transition moldings, such as T-moldings, end moldings, and reducers, having a laminate surface atop a core, as well as methods for making them.  By providing the moldings with a laminated surface, the moldings can be made to match exactly with the flooring, both in décor and surface properties.

Patent protection in i.a. Austria, Belgium, China, Germany, Spain, Sweden, Canada, and United States.


4-in-1 Molding
Snap together four different profiles from just one package of molding


The 4 in 1 molding is a great innovation from Pergo. It is an all-purpose accessory that allows use of the same product for four different applications, irrespective of the core/décor materials. The different parts are simply snapped together to achieve the required profile. This technology saves the trouble and the cost of buying several different moldings.

Patent protection in i.a. Austria, Germany, Sweden, Canada, and United States.