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Pergo launches 90 new products for 2012

Trelleborg, January 2012 – Pergo has announced it is launching a total of 90 new products for 2012 including five new textures and 43 new designs, as well as two innovative design features called NaturalVariation™ and EndlessPlank™. The new assortment will also include a series of highly artistic floors developed through a new creative design concept called TotalDesign. Pergo CEO, Ralf Eisermann, says that all the new products now being launched have been developed in line with the company’s commitment to maintaining its position as the leader in flooring design.

“We are always looking for ways to make laminate flooring better than it already is,” says Eisermann, “and this year we have done that with a very strong focus on both the visual impression and the feel of our floors.”
The company’s expanded product assortment is the direct result of extensive research carried to stay abreast of the latest trends among consumers and commercial buyers of flooring. “Using the findings from our research,” Eisermann says, “our designers have come up with a lot of great-looking answers to the most dominant trends.”

Oaks, blondes and rustics
A sneak preview of the assortment reveals that Oak decors continue to lead the way with many new variations and colour tones including taupe, greige, warm grey and light mocha. A new series of lighter ‘blondes’ has also been created that includes Finelined Oak and Blonde Oak, as well as Nordic Ash, Platinblonde Ash.

“We also wanted to capture that truly rustic and raw feeling,” says Pergo Creative Director Olaf Leonhardt, “which we have done through our new Pine decors and several Oak decors made with NaturalVariation™.” These products are said to be inspired by the yearning for a simpler, more natural lifestyle, “Something we’re seeing more and more of in the world of interior design.”

Haptic surface texture is a strong component of many of the new floors, as Pergo introduces five new surface textures including new EIR textures, Facette embossing, Leather embossing, Silkbrushed  and Sculptured wood. In addition, the assortment answers the call for bigger floorboards by offering many of the new designs in larger formats called “Long Plank” and “Big Slab.”

About Pergo:
Pergo is regarded as the inventor of HPL laminate flooring and enjoys an outstanding position on both the North American and European markets. The company develops, produces and markets laminate flooring with premium-quality multi-layer sequence in unmistakable designs and unique product features for the residential sector and commercial applications. Pergo produces more than 30 million square metres of laminate flooring a year at two locations in Sweden (Trelleborg and Perstorp) and two manufacturing facilities in the USA (Garner, NC) and Canada (Laval). The traditional Pergo brand was acquired by the Pfleiderer AG (ISIN DE 0006764749) in 2007. To find out more please go to